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Dog RH map 10000 Project

     Growing interest in the dog as a genetic model for the identification of the genes involved in genetic diseases, and in phenotype and behaviour led the laboratory UMR6061 of Rennes1 University to develop a dog genetic project. Since 1997, our team has produced dog genome maps using the Radiation Hybrid method (RHmap). The latest version of the map contains more than 10,000 genes mapped on the canine genome. This RHMap 10,000 project generates a huge amount of data such as experimental data as well as data resulting from construction and annotation genomic map analysis.

Therefore, since October 2002, we have initiated a relational and dynamic database project, called Dog_DB (Radiation Hybrid Dog DataBase) to ensure submission, storage and searching informations mapping projects for all the scientific community.

Moreover comparative dog/human mapping tools are available on the site thus to display conserved segments between dog and human genome.Comments/suggestions are welcome by mail here.

Collaborator teams for RHmap10000 project :

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